Born on the fourth of July

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Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. (John F. Kennedy) Born on the fourth of July A true story of innocence lost and courage found. This book describes the life of Ron Kovic who was born on the 4. of July. He loved Baseball, John Wayne and John F. Kennedy but most of all, he loved his country. He was a natural athlete, a shy teen-ager who dreamed of girls, an All-American working- class kid. He shipped out to Vietnam with the Marines. Ron Kovic didn t come marching home. He was wound, paralyzed permanently from his chest down. Protesting the war at a rally in L.A., he was shoved from his wheelchair, his medals torn from his chest. When Ron Kovic was young, he often played baseball in the backyard of his house with some friends. He was very good and he dreamed of playing for the New York Yankees. At High school he joined the Wrestling team and started to train his body. Soon he became a very strong young man and the best wrestler of his team. He started to dream of girls and got pimples all over his face. The spring before he graduated, he worked at a supermarket near the marine recruiting station. From now on, all he could think of was joining the marines. In the last month of school the marine recruiters came and spoke to his senior class. They said there is nothing finer, nothing prouder than a United States Marine. After school Ron and his father went to the recruiting station and signed the paperwork. He left to the recruiting ...

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