World War I.

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In the beginning of World War 1, the German government declared the sea around the British Isles as war zone, that means, German submarines would destroy every ship of the enemy. In May 1915 a German submarine torpedoed without warning a British Liner with 1200 passengers on board. 128 of the were citizens of the United States. All of them died. After the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson sent a massive threat that the German government would be held for strict accountability for any loss of American lives or property, the German Government assured not to sink any liners without warning. Wilson s diplomatic victory not only postponed U.S. intervention in the war but was of political value in Wilson`s reelection campaign of 1916. His campaign slogan was He kept us out of war , with which he was able to win reelection. In January 1917 the German government broke the contract by declaring that unrestricted submarine warfare would be resumed. On February 3rd Wilson broke of all diplomatic relations, and finally after five American vessels had been sunk, and as a result of that, On April 2nd he asked(whom?) Congress for a declaration of war (BEMERKUNG to constitution during the lesson). After Germany s surrender in 1918 Wilson contributed very much to the Paris Peace treaty with his famous fourteen points which were based on the right of self determination and a guarantee of freedom of the seas. All other allies supported the theory that Germany had to be ...

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