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William Shakespeare: Macbeth , Act I, Scene VII Lady Macbeth has a conversation with her husband with the aim of convincing him to kill the king, Duncan, while he is their guest. Just at the beginning of the scene, Macbeth holds a monologue, expressing his inner struggles about his cruel thoughts of murdering his king, showing his fear of the consequences. Then, after Lady Macbeth s enter, a conversation starts between her and her husband. Actually one couldn t talk about this scene as being a conversation , it is more a persuasive speech of Lady Macbeth´s, which Macbeth interrupts several times, but only for short statements. Lady Macbeth s line of persuasion is a very clever one. She directly catches Macbeth at a very vulnerable point: his masculinity. He, presumed to fulfil the role of the strong, fearless warrior and perfect man could not afford to withdraw (be a coward , l. 43) after mentioning his cruel thoughts in the presence of his wife ( what made you break this enterprise to me? When you durst do it, then you were a man , ll. 48-49). After this provocation, she comes up with a very brutal and shocking image: she would kill their child if she had sworn it like Macbeth did it with the murder. Here it becomes clear that Lady Macbeth s only aim is to convince her husband, without taking any counter-argument into consideration. She even doesn t hesitate to use their unborn child as an argument , which does not necessarily mean that she would do as she said, but shows ...

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