Waugh, Evelyn: The Loved One

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The Loved One Evelyn Waugh When Francis Hinsley lost his job as a writer in a film company in Hollywood he kills himself. Dennis Barlow a friend of him works in the happier hunting ground which is a funeral home for pets. Dennis now is instructed to arrange about Francis funeral. For this he visited Whispering Glades which is huge cementry. There you can chose the way of beeing buried. The ways of disposal 1 are inhumement 2 , entombment 3 , inurnment 4 , inmurement 5 and insarcophagusment 6 . There is also the possibility of getting an mausoleum with or without a stained-glasse window above. Whispering Glades is a kind of cementry-park which is zoned and each zone has ist name and special Work of Art. The zones vary in price and within the zones the prices vary according to their proximity 7 to the Work of Art For example there is poet s corner The way your are buried depends on the money you ll spend on it. Dennis fixes the ceremony for a Thursday and the leave-taking in the afternoon the day before. After the funeral he walks around in the park. Somewhere he sats down in the shade to write a poem. After he had written a few lines sometimes Aimée Thanatogenos who works in Whispering Glades as a cosmetician comes around. She works there with Mr. Joyboy who is very popular at the other women working in Whispering Glades. Six weeks after Aimée met Dennis at the Lake Island in the Whispering Glades Park she wrote a letter to Guru Brahim who is a spirutal director 8 who daily ...

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