Shoemaker Levy 9 - Collision Course

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Collision course You may excuse, the informations taken out of this TIME magazine are very old, to be exact from the year 1994. It is the story of the comet called Shoemaker Levy 9 his way and his destination Jupiter, and the story of the expectations of several scientists. Until today I haven´t found a newer TIMES with informations about what happened after the 16th of July. On the 16th of July scientists witnessed one of the greatest impacts in our solar system. SL9 hit Jupiter. For about ten hours the planet rang like a bell. Jupiter glanced in twice it´s brilliance. Only a few weeks before the impact, scientists told us that SL9 could hit earth. But what a luck the comet changed it´s opinion and decided to hit Jupiter itself. Shoemaker Levy 9 was not more than a chunk of interstellar debris, to be precise a chunk of 21 pieces. SL9 wandered maybe 4,5 Billion Years as one big debris through the space thrown like a pinball from planet to planet and a decade ago it had the misfortune to come as close as 25. 750 km to Jupiters Jovian athmosphere and crashed into small pieces. From then on it stayed in the orbit slowly gaining in size and speed and slowly coming into collision course with Jupiter. Somebody suggested that the combined energy of these debris could have reached up to 20. MIO. MEGATONS TNT. That´s more as the energy of the worldwide nuclear arsenal, and this would be enough to destroy the earth two times. The comet travelled at a high speed. 60 km per second. The ...

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