Collins, Phil (1951- )

Sixties, Seventies, Eighties, Genesis, In The Air Tonight, Since I lost you, No Son Of Mine, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Collins, Phil (1951- )
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Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium Kollegstufenjahrgang 1996 98 Nürnberg FACHARBEIT aus dem Fach Englisch Thema: Phil Collins, his career, music and lyrics Verfasser: Felix Knöchel (Felix.Knoechel Kursbezeichnung: E41 Kursleiter: Herr Fischer Abgabetermin: 2. Februar 1998 erzielte Punkte: (einfache Wertung) (Unterschrift des Kursleiters) Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Phil Collins` career 2.1 The sixties 4 2.2 The seventies 5 2.3 The eighties 8 2.3.1 Genesis 9 2.3.2 Solo 10 2.3.3 Productions 11 2.4 The nineties 12 3. His music 14 3.1 The seventies 14 3.2 The eighties 15 3.3 The nineties 17 4. His lyrics 18 4.1 In The Air Tonight 18 4.2 Since I lost you 19 4.3 No Son Of Mine 20 5. Epilogue 22 6. Quotations 23 7. Appendix 24 8. Bibliography 25 9. Discography 26 1. Introduction 1985 - the Live Aid -concert at Wembley stadium; a small man with not much hair is sitting in front of the grand piano. He is introducing his new single Against all odds. 70,000 people in front of the stage and two billion in front of their TV sets listen closely and then suddenly jerk upright in surprise. A wrong note rolls through the stadium and back A wrong note from Mr. Phil Collins, the man who is supposed to earn several million pounds a year by selling millions of his albums? Is it him, who is the lead vocalist of Genesis, one of the most successful bands in the history of rock? Can it be him, who is amongst his colleagues, respected for his unmistakable style of playing the drums? Yes, it was ...

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