Hewett, Alumna Lorri ( - )

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hewett, Alumna Lorri ( - )
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Ingrid Kummer Englisch Lk 12 Alumna Lorri Hewett s Biography Lorri was born in Fairfax, Virginia, but spent most of her childhood in Littleton, Colorado. Her childhood was for the most part idyllic and uneventful, her father was a system analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and her mother stayed home with Lorri and her younger brother Derek. Lorri was a highly imaginative kid, spending hours in the imaginary worlds she created from the many books she read. One of her favorite things to do was to write herself into her favorite stories, altering the stories so that instead of Laura Ingalls, Charles-Wallace Murray, Luke Skywalker, or Indiana Jones, she was the principle heroine. All through her early years at school she was the difficult child, the one who was smart but didn t apply herself, was continually challenging authority, and constantly daydreaming. Her first serious try to write was bei the age of 9 .She got the inspiration for the novel from the lizzle house on the Prairie series. The novel, titled Carlton s Life, consisted of about 140 pages detailing the adventures of 6 year old Wendy Carlton,who was not only a pioneer (braving the ravages of the Florida winters in 1843 -- at that point Lorri didn t know much about geography), but also a religious zealot (as in Joan of Arc). At this time Lorri became seriously involved in ballet training, which made a nice compliment to her writing because in ballet she was able to develop the discipline that would ...

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