Childress, Alice: A Hero Ain t Nothin But A Sandwich

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Lukas Marzi 8.B A HERO AIN T NOTHIN BUT A SANDWICH by Alice Childress Alice Childress is a writer, actress and director. She brings her theatrical experience to the novel in characterization and dialogue. Miss Childress was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but grew up and attended high school in Harlem. She was a member of the American Negro Theater for ten years. From 1966 to 1968 she received a Harvard-appointment to the Radcliffe Institute. She is a community-elected board member of the Francis-Delafield City Hospital and also a member of the Harlem Writers Club and the New Dramatics. The Story: The story is about a thirteen year old black boy, who is well on his way being hooked on heroin. His name is Benjie Johnson. He lives in a flat, together with his mother, grandmother and his stepfather Butler Craig. His real father left his mother years ago. Benjie feels that his mother and all relatives do not care about him. His former friend Jimmy Lee-Powell gave him his first joint. One time Benjie is at a friend of him, who pushes drugs, some boys say that he is too soft for heroin. So he makes his first fix, shoots heroin into his veins. He uses drugs more and more often, once he even attends class high. After that he is sent to hospital for detox. When he leaves the hospital his mother and grandmother tell him they really want to care about him now. Nevertheless Benjie steals Butler s suit one night in case to get some skag (heroin) for it. Because of this incident, ...

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