Fitzgerald, Francis Scott: The Great Gatsby

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Robert Nürnberger 23rd of April 1999 Bookreport The Great Gatsby Francis Scott Fitzgerald The Author: His Biography born September 24, 1896 in Saint Paul, Minnesota F. attended but never graduated from Princeton University where he got in contact with rich peoples from the eastern seaboard in 1917 he left Princeton and went to the army in 1920 he married the beautiful Zelda Sayre Together they enjoyed a rich life of endless parties Within two years they became the most notorious young couple in America, symbolizing what Fitzgerald called the Jazz Age to maintain their lifestyle F. wrote more books an lots of stories for the popular magazines of the time in 1925 Scott, Zelda and their daughter Scottie moved from New York City to Great Neck, Long Island (the model for West Egg in Gatsby) - eventually on to Paris and the Riviera and finally back to the United States great stock marked crash in 1929 which ended America s decade of prosperity F. could not finish another novel, and he could not make Zelda happy. She became more and more depressed, and finally in April 1930, Zelda had a complete breakdown and had to be hospitalized He kept on writing but during 1935 and 1936 he had his own breakdown in 1940 he died of a heart attack in Hollywood His works: in 1920 Scott Fitzgerald s first novel This Side of Paradise was published and made him famous and rich The Beautiful and the Damned , his next novel was published in 1922. It s a mood piece chronicling the anxieties and ...

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