Europe - chances and problems

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Europe chances and problems I think the United Europe will be very problematic issue for this and the following generation. The Continent of Europe consists of so many countries with so many languages and so many cultures that it won t be easy to homogenise all this things in just a few years. Even in one country like Germany there are so many ethnic and social differences that it is often not seen as one country but it is often divided in several regions or in West and East. This shows that like in Germany, first there there should be at least an more or less equal life standard in everyone of the participating countries unless we will feel as one society in one country, called Europe. So I think it will take centuries or more unless an Europe will exist like a country where everybody will feel at home no mater if he is in Germany, France, England or Italy. But these are only the social problems which are less important because they aren t really an obstacle but I think the most important problem will be to find a solution for a central government which will gather all the economical possibilities of a Union like Europe and use them more efficiently as every one country could realise it itself. Only then the EU will be seen as an equal rival to the USA, and I think that s what we are trying to do, being an financial and economical equal rival to the USA and trying to become a second world force. I think it is not reasonable to talk about all the chances which an United ...

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