American truth (Die amerikanische Wahrheit, englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung)

From rags to riches, vom Tellerwäscher zum Millionär, Pink, P nk, A safer world and a more hopeful America, Obama, Bush, Donald Trump, Referat, Hausaufgabe, American truth (Die amerikanische Wahrheit, englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung)
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truth Die amerikanische Wahrheit Zunächst der englische Text. Weiter unten die deutsche Übersetzung. American Dream: From rags to riches The slogans from rags to riches , from dishwasher to millionaire are two of the visualisations of the American Dream. A goal pursued by many people. Started by the pilgrims coming from Europe to live a happy and especially free life on the new continent, followed by the gold diggers searching for wealth and nowadays the sheer unlimited possibilities provided by the American country. The phenomena of the American Dream does not vanish. It is only getting stronger (and kind of more reachable). The goal of the American Dream is since its beginning happiness. Even if the achievement differs through the ages. It can be reached through ownership, ...

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