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Dublin Paper on a fantastic country and its pulsating capital Introduction: A visit to Ireland is like a trip back in time. Ancient ruins are everywhere from mysterious Druidic monuments to awe-inspiring Norman fortifications. Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is certainly green, but the term belies the amazing diversity of landscape. County Wicklow, in the east, is wild and rugged, the haunt of fugitives in times gone by, while the west coast has the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and the rocky Burren. Don`t miss the windswept Aran Islands or the romantic lake district of Fermanagh. Clearly-marked walking trails follow old bog roads and canal towpaths, allowing visitors to enjoy the countryside on foot. The Republic of Ireland, or Éire, is divided into 26 counties. These are divided into 32 Administrative Counties, with Tipperary divided into two ridings and Dublin into three. The cities of Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Waterford have county borough status. The last couple of years have seen a boom in Ireland`s economy. Often referred to as the `Celtic Tiger` employment is high, inflation low and the government reports a large surplus. Agriculture is an important sector of the Irish economy, with beef and dairy farming being its most important elements. The textile, chemical and electronics industries are developing quickly, while the service industry has been very important during the last decade. In addition, many large computer companies have established substantial ...

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