Banks, Lynne Reidd: The writing on the wall

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Banks, Lynne Reidd: The writing on the wall
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Book report for the matura on the topic DRUGS The writing on the wall by Lynne Reidd Banks published by puffin books Contents: Tracy, a 15 year old polish girl, who lives in London, meets Kev, a punk. She adores him from the beginning and so she changes her outfit, to his style. Kev has the idea to travel to Holland in the summerholidays, and the naive Tracy, whose last year at school is ending, wants to go with him. , but if there weren´t her parents... Her parents, who are very catholic, and strict, are against the trip, because they don´t think, that their daughter is mature enough, and furthermore they don´t like Kev. But the clever Kev has a solution; he suggests to take some friends with him, also the 19 yeare old Michael. So Michael , who seems to be a well behaving person can make the parents say yes. They go to Holland, and there starts a row between Kev and Michael, because Kev doesn´t accept Michael´s morality. Furthermore Kev wants to go to Amsterdam, but Michael just wants to go to Rotterdam. And again Tracy goes with him. In Amsterdam they meet two guys, who take photos, which belong to the Sado-Maso section. So Tracy runs back to the group, because kev is in favour with the two guys. Back at Michael and the others they spend a few nice days, before they have to go home.On the boat they meet Kev again, and during passport control it happens. Dogs find drugs, in Tracy´s bike, heroin, so she´s taken under arrest. Later the reader gets to know, that Kev was the ...

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