Stoker, Bram: Dracula

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1. BRAM STOKER: A CHRONOLOGY (taken from: Bram Stokers Dracula, Penguin Classics, 1993) 1847 Bram Stoker is born on 8 November in Dublin, to parents Charlotte and Abraham Stoker, the third of seven children. 1854-64 After long incapacitating childhood illness he attends private day school of Rev. William Woods in Dublin. 1864-70 Successful career at Trinity College, Dublin. Stoker becomes University athletics champion, unbeatable road walker and capped footballer. He is an active speaker at the Philosophical Society, which eventually makes him President. He graduates with Honours degree in Pure Mathematics. 1867 28 August he sees Henry Irving acting for the first time at Theatre Royal, Dublin, and he develops passion for theatre. He takes a week´s holiday in London. 1868 Deeply impressed by Walt Whitman´s Leaves of Grass, Stoker declares himself a lover of W. Whitman 1871 In November Stoker writes his first unpaid theater review for Dublin Mail, the first of many. 1873-74 Stoker becomes (part-time) editor of the short-lived Halfpenny Press. 1875 Stoker´s first horror story published. The Chain of Destiny appears in the Shamrock in four serial parts. 1876 14 February Bram writes again to Whitman, enclosing his first letter. Whitman replies on 6 March. (See Appendix a for correspondence.) Irving plays Hamlet at Theatre Royal, Dublin. After Stoker´s momentous meeting with the actor on 3 December, they become friends. Stoker is promoted to Instector of Petty Sessions. 1877 ...

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