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Michael Sailer, HSII DISSENT First of all I have to admit that I don`t know much about this topic. I didn`t want to choose a beginning like that because that`s what everybody starts with. But in spite of this I eventually also decided to point out my lack of knowledge because it expresses that it`s not easy to write an essay of 500 words on this topic. The only sources I have are one page of stuff I wrote down during the lesson and a bit of information in the book. I remember the picture of the suffragettes, the women who organised a demonstration for their right to vote. This raised my interest for the meaning of the expression dissent. I know that it signifies that someone or a group of people disagree with something. They are of another opinion maybe even in an opposition. I have also kept in mind that there are several forms of this sort of disagreement. Some people can be in an opposition to society which was expressed by the picture of the naked man on the street surrounded by police men . From my point of view it`s a logical consequence that disagreements can also be shown in a violent way which was obviously proved by Eric Cantona and his karate - attack. Another group of people in England who are not satisfied with some of the society`s values are the Punks. In the 1970s the Punks protested against the policy of the National Front, which provoked some racial tensions. The fact that the Punks can`t identify with the majority of society is strongly expressed by their ...

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