Dehli and the north

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Dehli and the north Kashmir: capital: Srinagar - in the 16th century centre of moslemish mongol rulers food: nature yoghurt , mustardoil, aniseed hottest food famous: Rogan Josh, Biriyani, Red Muttonpot Punjab and Haryana : 5- river- land, fertile region, a lot of mustard- fields capital: Chandigarh planned by Le Corbusier Dehli: 8,3 mio inhabitants; south called New-Dehli - since 1947 capital of India sight: Red Fort food: most famous food of India, often prepared in the tandoor ( loemoven); a lot of dried beans and lentils Holi: springcelebration in february march - coloured water (often red ) Centralindia Rajastan: dessert, during raintime (june july) Teej- celebration women´s celebration capital: Jaipur Pink City sight: Hawa Palace od the Winds Uttar Pradesh: famous city: Agra Taj Mahal food: Petha sweet made of pumpkin; Dalmoth baked chik- pea Lucknow: food: Korma mutton in amlondsauce Benares (Varansi): holy place for hindus Ganges road of the fried breads Sarnath: holy place for buddhists Madhya Pradesh: biggest Federal state; Mahadeo- Hills Junglebook by Rudyard Kipling food: Sabzi Chop vegetablechops; Mooli roasted radish Calcutta and the east Bihar: buddha´s land ( in Gantama enlightment ) very fertile region capital: Patna West- Bengals: from Himalaya till Golf of Bengal food: famous fish in mustardsauce Calcutta: 11 mio inhabitants; most important port; biggest jute-factory on earth; teastockmarket food: Rosogolla cheeseballs; Gulab Jamun milkpowderballs (both ...

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