Restaurants in my town - Brochure and guidebook entries

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and guidebook entries Restaurants in my town There is a wide range of very exclusive and unique restaurants in my town. However, as a student it is essential to know, where you can meet other young people, so that you do not end up at a Bingo- Club . For such youngsters we have two highly recommendable options. Köö-Billiards No trip to Vienna would be complete without a visit to these cosy bars. You can enjoy a relaxing time with your friends over there, having a coffee or a delicious cocktail. Furthermore there is a long list of little club snacks such as sandwiches or appetizing desserts you can choose of. Whatever you decide to order, you get crisps, popcorn and salty nuts for free- this is special and typical at Köö. Nevertheless, if sitting around and chatting with your ...

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