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Von: Christian Buchholz N or M? by Agatha Christie Contents I. Biography of Agatha Christie II. Content of the novel III. Major Aspect IV. Comment V. References I. Biography of Agatha Christie Agatha Christie (née Miller) was born in 1890 in Devon, England as the youngest of three children in a conservative family. Agatha never went to a school, but was taught at home by a governess. To express her feelings as a child she started playing music and, later in life, writing. In the first World War she worked as a nurse. She was married twice, the first marriage was divorced, because her husband fell in love with another woman. Her first detective novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles was published in 1920. The leading actor was Hercule Poirot, a retired Belgian police officer, who also featured more than 30 other novels. Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster, was another famous character in twelve novels. All together she wrote 66 novels, numerous short stories and screenplays, and a series of romantic novels. Agatha sold over two billion copies of her books and is therefor the world`s best selling author. Her work has been translated into more than a hundred languages. She always tried to avoid the public eye, which became more difficult as her fame grew. In 1971 she achieved Britain`s highest honour, when she was made a Dame of the British Empire. Her last novel was written in 1973, when she was 82 years old. She died 1976 in Berkshire, England. II. Content of the novel The ...

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