Hilton, James: Goodbye, Mr. Chips

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Sandra Zeinlinger Goodbye, Mr. Chips by James Hilton This book is about a teacher, who is very beloved. It tells about his life in school. Mr. Chipping ( his nickmame is Mr. Chips )gets over eighty when he dies but he works until he feels very tired and old. He even doesn´t go in pension because he loves his job so much. He never has children, although he says that he has a lot of children and all are boys - his pupils. Mr. Chips also married, but his much younger wife died soon. Character: Mr. Chips: He teaches Latin and History. He is very funny and everybody laughes about his jokes. He is a gentle and caring man and he helps shape the lives of generation after generation of boys. Continuation: After Mr. Chips´ death, the whole school fells really sad for him. Many people, most of them are or were pupils of Mr. Chipping come to his funeral. Brookfield builds only for the legendary teacher a memorial, which stands in front of the school, so everybody can think back of the time with Mr. Chips, when he goes to school. ...

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