Fletcher, Raffaella Mayle, Peter: Dangerous Candy

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DANGEROUS CANDY A TRUE STORY, BY SOMEONE WHO DID THEM AND KICKED THEM by Raffaella Fletcher and Peter Mayle The author: As this novel is an autobiography, I do not think to have to write something down about Raffaella Fletcher here. Peter Mayle, her ghostwriter for this book, is a quite successful children s book author, but as his life is not connected at all to the book, I consider him unimportant for the understanding of this biography. This book was published in 1990. Plot synopsis: Raffaella Fletcher grew up in London, England. She first got curious about drugs, because TV was talking about them all time, and because they were prohibited she got more and more nosy about them. First of all Fletcher tries to make drugs herself, as she smokes grass from a park and tries other stuff, which gives her a headache but not a high. Finally, she smokes her first joint at concert and from that point of her life she got deeper and deeper into the drug game . This was at the age of twelve, by the time she reaches the thirteen she is sipping vodka and pills every morning before going to school. As a result her school reports get worse. Her parents want to know what The matter is but they simply do not think about a drug addict as daughter and so they assume she is just growing up. At the age of sixteen she leaves home with a boyfriend, called Steve, to California. At first she has a great time there, as she starts taking harder drugs like cocaine and LSD. But after nine months both ...

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