Butterflies are free (Theatre)

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Butterflies are free (Theatre)
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Butterflies are free (theatre) The story takes place in an apartment in New York, in which Don Baker lives. One morning, he telephones with his mother. He tells her, that he had a little party one day ago and besides he says to her, that she shouldn t visit him for one month. Suddenly he hears loud noises in the next apartment. After finishing the telephone call, Don bets his new female neighbour to turn down her TV. They begin to talk and some times later the girl, named Jill Tanner, comes into Don s living room. They talk about their apartments and about Don s telephone call with his mother. Don tells Jill that his mother doesn t believe that he can live alone and without her help. Besides they talk about the marriage of Jill which lasted for 6 days. Jill says that it wasn t Jack s fault ( her husband). While they are talking Jill recognises that Don is blind since he was born. Then they talk about her work - she is an actress (doing off-Broadway plays). Don tells her that his mother wrote a series of children s books about a blind boy named Little Donny Dark. He tells her that after his dad s death his only friend was Linda Fletcher, a girl from the neighbourhood. She often visited him and with her help he got (self-)confidence for the first time. And it was her idea that he should live in an own apartment. Jill says that she has a secret box, in which there are a baby tooth of her, her birth certificate, a picture of her and her testament. She doesn t want to have a ...

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