Blacks in America

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Blacks in America 1619 The first 20 Africans are brought to work as servants in Jamestown, Virginia. During the next hundred years thousands more are brought as slaves to work on the tobacco and cotton fields in the South. 1808 Congress passes a law making it illegal to import slaves, but it is generally ignored. 1820 Slavery is declared legal in the South, but illegal in all states north of Missouri. 1861 Abraham Lincoln becomes President of the United States. the number of slaves in the USA has reached 4 million. Eleven southern slave states leave the Union, afraid that Abraham Lincoln will abolish slavery, which is the basis of their economy. The Civil War breaks out. 1865 The North defeats the South. Slaves are freed throughout the nation. 1868 Blacks offically become American citizens. But it is made difficult if not impossible for blacks to vote in the South. 1896 The Supreme Court says any state can have facilities for blacks and whites, as long as they are separate, but equal. In some southern states there are separate schools for blacks and whites, separate theathres, restaurants, hotels, taxis, and seats on buses. From 1919 on Thousands of blacks move to the cities in the North, looking for work. 1954 The Supreme Court changes its 1896 decision and orders every state to desegregate its schools. Some areas in the South don´t accept this. 1963 Dr Martin Luther King leads 250,000 people to Washington, D.C. in the largest protest march in US history so far. His speech ...

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