The situation of black people in America

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Unit 2 Nr. 7 The situation of black people in America Martin Luther King à the key figure in the struggle for emancipation (Befreiung) of the blacks à about 15 are black 30 million people a divided black US society: black middle class (Bourgeoisie) à they are well-off à they are better paid and housed à when you climb up the social ladder you move into a better neighbourhood (e.g. the country) lots of underdogs (poor people) remained in the inner cities forming a big underclass there à the hearts of the US cities became slums à rising crime-rates, drug-dealing underclass 3 million people people between 18-25 are more likely to be murdered than to die in a car accident Washington D.C.: the crime-rate is steadily increasing in New York: crime-rate dropped by 65 in the last 5-10 years mayor (Bürgermeister) of N.Y.: Giuliani police had unlimited rights à became very brutal 45 of the inmates (Insassen) of prisons in the USA are black more than 50 of black families are without fathers the number of teenage pregnancies (Schwangerschaft) is more than double of white girls à it s a vicious circle (Teufelskreis) à in cities slums developed à the cities decayed à lots of criminals, drug-dealer economic reasons: in 70ies many people lost their jobs especially in the inner cities - fringe of society - the standard on US schools fell dramatically lawlessness in the streets became the order of the slums - the value system had changed - not working had become acceptable à in the 80ies à ...

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