Shepard, Sam - True West (Szene 9, Englisch)

Sam Shepard, Analysis of Scene 9, Austin, Lees mother, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Shepard, Sam - True West (Szene 9, Englisch)
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of Scene 9 - True West by Sam Shepard Scene 9 of the Drama True West written by Sam Shepard is about the brothers struggle which ends in a fight. In this scene Austin & Lees mother came back from Alaska to see what s going on and because she misses her plants. In Addition to that Lee narrates that he sold a screenplay and that he won the bet. Afterwards Lee tells his Mom that they are going to leave the house to live in the desert he starts to struggle with Austin, because of his book. This struggle ends in a serious fight in which some of them could be killed by the other. This scene is the most important scene, because here you can see how variable people can be. I mean Austin is very quiet and do whatever Lee says , which you can see in the moment, when Austin s supposed to ...

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