Big Brother is watching you

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Smart cards, satellites in the service of position detection, the New York Times in your home by one click Informationtechnology gets more and more mundane, but we have to keep an eye on the effect of supervision, because: Big Brother Is Watching You In the next few minutes I want to tell you just the essential aspects of global observation, how it happens, the advantages and the risks. And it s a phenomena of our century, which nobody can deny, that in future we won t be able to take one step without being watched. Take the example of an usual supermarket bill. What we see is a list of all the things we bought, useful to check out how much money we spent and for what. But this information doesn t exist just on this paper. Every sell is saved in a computer and so the manager is able to notice what kind of article is sold most, which special-price-offer comes best and who of his shop assistants is the most productive. And that s at the current market situation not unimportant. Now you may say, Ok, I don t mind They do not know my name, so it s anonymous. Yes, you re right, it is. But what about this (Page 3)? There are quite a lot of so called Directmarketing Companies , which are founded to create such customer profiles. You see the job, his turnover and a lot of other personal things, and please mind, also his name. Such databases are completely legal and it s a clever way how they collect this information. For example you are applying for Jeopardy , then your address and ...

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