Behan, Brendan Francis (1923-1964)

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Behan, Brendan Francis (1923-1964)
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Brendan Behan (1923-1964) Life and work of the Irish author and playwright His life born 09 02 1923 father: house painter, imprisoned as a republican (end of Civil War) strong literary and cultural atmosphere in his home 1973: at 14 B. was apprenticed to his father s trade already member of Fianna Eireann (IRA youth organisation), contributor to The United Irishman IRA launched bombing campaign in England in 1939, B. was trained in explosives arrested at his arrival in Liverpool 02 1940 sentenced to 3 years Borstal detention, used excellent library there 1942 Dublin: IRA parade, B. fired at a detective à 14 years penal servitude became a fluent Irish speaker, Borstal experiences were published in The Bell 1946 released as part of a general amnesty, returned to painting some years he concentrated on writing verse in Irish à Paris, 1950 return to Dublin, cultivated his reputation in the city s literary circles 1953: as Emmett Street: published The Scarperer , Irish Times crime story, weekly column from April on 1954: The Quare Fellow well received in the tiny Pike Theatre 1955: marriage with Beatrice Salkeld, art painter 1956: production at Joan Littlewood`s Theatre Royal Stratford (London) à wider reputation drunken BBC interview, always media attention à alcoholic 1958: An Giall produced at Joan Littlewood s as The Hostage (changed) Summer 1958: first collapse because of diabetes and liver complaint lack of concentration à tape records instead of writing 11 1963: daughter ...

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