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Spezialgebiet Englisch Canada Topics: 1)Canada, the Beginning 1.1)The Indians 1.2)Kanata, the development 1.3) Immigration 1.4) Waterways and the development of the Canadian Pacific Railway 2)Government 2.1) The Federal or National Government 2.1.1) The Queen 2.1.2) Governor General 2.1.3) The Queen´s Privy Council 2.1.4) The House of Common and the Cabinet 2.1.5) The Senate 2.2) Provincial Government 2.3) Territorial Government 2.4.) Local Government 2.5) The Judiciary 3) Quebec: Conflict between the English and French language Canada has an area of nearly 6,000,000 square miles, but less than one million square miles are effectively used. Canada is made up from 10 provinces, from the small Prince Edward Island to Quebec. This land is bounded by three oceans, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Arctic and shares an frontier with the enormous lenght of almost 4,000 miles with the Americans which is the unfortifiest border in the world. 1.) Canada - the Beginning About 15000 years ago, there was a bridge of land between, what we call now Siberia, and Alaska. (Bering Strait). Nomadic people crossed this landbridge 25000 to 15000 years ago. Soon, they settled all over America, these people were the first indians. Some thousand years later the vikings crossed the Atlantic ocean and landed at L ´Anse aux Meadows, lived there, but left the land. Scientists found rests of stone - built houses, but for the vikings, the land was to hard for living. 500 years later, the Europeans came to ...

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