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Spezialgebiet aus Englisch zum Thema Vietnam War zur Matura 1999 bei Ostr. Prof. Mag. Franz Schneider abgefasst von Laurenz Nagl 8.c Vietnam War First a short chronology of the Vietnam-War: 1945: After the departure of the Japanese occupation forces, Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh establish the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in Hanoi. France, the colonial power, sends troops back to Vietnam. The Viet Minh begins a war against French occupationwith attacks in the North. 1950: The USA begin providing military and economic aid to the French in Indochina. 1954: The French are defeated. In July, the Geneva Agreement is signed, establishing a demilitarized zone along the 17th parallel and calling for nationwide elections. In October the Viet Minh take formal control over North Vietnam. 1955: South Vietnam refuses to participate in nationwide elections. 1956: A US military advisory group replaces French training of the South Vietnamese army. 1959: Two US military advisors are killed during a Commuinst attack at Bien Hoa in South Vietnam. 1961: The (Communist) National Liberation Front (NLF) is formed in South Vietnam. US-President Kennedy sends special forces and military advisors to South Vietnam. 1963: In November, South Vietnam´s president Diem is overthrown in a military coup. Kennedy is assasinated and Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in. 1964: After an attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats on two US destroyers, the US Congress enables the president to order ...

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