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CAL Bernard Mac Laverty Call was written by Bernard Mac Laverty. It was first published by Jonathan Cape in 1983. Bernard Laverty was born in Belfast, where he worked for ten years as a medical laboratory technician before studying English at Queen`s University. He then moved to Scotland and taught for a number of years. He now writes and lives in Glasgow. He has written two novels, Lamb and Cal and three collections of short stories, Secrets, A time to dance and The great Profundo. Both Lamb and Cal have been made into successful films. Bernard Mac Laverty has been consistently well reviewed in the press. The main character of this novel is Cal McCluskey. He is 19 years old. He loves music and plays the guitar. When playing the guitar, he shakes his head from side to side and his long hair covers his face, screening him from the world. Because of his hair the length it is, he has had to develop some female gestures like holding it back to prevent it getting in his cup. Cal`s mother died when he was eight and sometimes he thinks of her and of what have said to him in this of another situation. His father, Shamie, tried to replace her, but he failed. Cal has no friends. There is Crilly, but he is not Cal`s real friend. Cal doesn`t like him, he tries to avoid him, without success. He is afraid of Crilly (and Skeffington). Cal lives with his father in a Protestant estate. Shamie works at the abattoir and they are the only Catholics still living there. Fear has driven out the ...

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