A Summary of U.S. History

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A Summary of U.S. History Introduction When I said I d do a short summary of U.S. History, I didn t imagine how much work it is. I suppose the people in America think everything which has to do with America is of highest importance. So I have to beg your pardon when some for you important chapters aren t mentioned or only shortly addressed. The Early America (1620-1789) After the Discovery of America by Christoph Kolumbus in 1492, it took almost 1 Centurys until the settlement from Europe began. Before this, England started to build up Colonies and founded new Cities in the New Land . Virgina is the first Colony, named after the Kings daughter. In 1619 the first slaves where brought from the Netherlands to Virginia, after they where ordered for the tobacco industry. In 1620 the so called Pilgrims landed in the near of Cape Cod after they emigrated from England to the Netherlands and founded Plymouth Plantation. On their ship, the Mayflower they signed a Compact which says, that Government and laws should follow from common decisions, without giving up the loyalitiy to the British Crown. After this new Colonies are founded in America, which is called New England by the Pilgrims. Towards 1775 the people in America suffer under the treatment of England. The Crown initializes new laws for dutys, and disturb economy. The desire of an independent land grows, and so the Colonies turn away from their motherland and start to fight against the british regiments. They have got a very ...

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