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In meinem Englisch-Referat Turbofan Engines bin ich noch auf ein paar Fehler gesto?en Darum schicke ich die verbesserte Version: The Turbofan Engine Dear Professor and classmates. My presentation today treats the Turbofan Engine. In the course of my presentation, I`ll use some abbreviations, which you can find on the blackboard. My presentation is structured in six parts: 1. General design 2. The fan 3. The compressor 4. The burner 5. The Turbine 6. Increase in performance 1. General Design: Generally, there are two types of Turbofan Engines: Dual-spool turbofans: Here, the LPC and LPT are situated on the one spool and the HPC, the HPT and the fan with an reduction gear on the other spool Triple-spool turbofans: Here the fan`s got an own spool with a LPC. A typical Turbofan Engine is the Trent 700 from Rolls-Royce. I will describe this topic by means of this Engine. A Turbofan Engine consists of the following main parts: 2. The fan: The fan with a diameter of 120 is actually half compressor - half propeller. It is responsible for the high efficiency of this engine type at high subsonic speeds, because it pushes most of the intaken air around the other components. The relation of the air that goes around the engine and the air that goes through the engine is called bypass ratio. In this case it`s 5,92 to 1. 3. The compressor: Most Turbofan Engines use axial flow compressors, because of their axial direction of airflow, which causes only small losses. But there is also a ...

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