Unidentified flying objects (UFOs)

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Englisch-Spezialgebiet Rainer Müller 8.B. 1997 98 Unidentified flying objects SETI I. SETI Institute General Information What is SETI? SETI is an abbreviation for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It is an effort to detect evidence of technological civilisations that may exist elsewhere in the universe, particularly in our galaxy. There are potentially billions of locations outside our solar system that may host life. With our current technology, we have the ability to discover evidence of cosmic habitation where life has started and developed to a technological level at least as advanced as our own. What is the SETI Institute? The SETI Institute is a non-profit corporation that serves as an institutional home for research and educational projects relating to the study of life in the universe. The Institute conducts research in a number of fields including astronomy and planetary sciences, chemical evolution, the origin of life, biological evolution, and cultural evolution. Institute projects have been sponsored for example by NASA, a lot of private foundations, private industry, and private donations. There are currently nearly three dozen active projects at the Institute investigating Mars, planetary science, exobiology and related topics. Project Phoenix is a unique research effort; it is the SETI Institute`s search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and is the Institute`s largest project. It is funded entirely by private donations. The NASA SETI program? The ...

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