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Topic of free speech: TORONTO ( Canada ) Speaker: Florian Deichstetter Summary of the speech: History: In 1720 the French established a small trading post there and called it Fort Toronto. Toronto is a native American Word for meeting place . The city was founded at the mouth of the Humber River and Lake Ontario. The natives and the European settlers used the city for fur trading and was an outpost along the carrying place for canoes. The city s original English name was York, but it was destroyed by the Americans in the War in 1812. It was rebuilt and renamed TORONTO in 1834. Now Toronto has a population of 3.5 Million people. Information about the City: The longest street of the World called Young Street runs from the harbour in Toronto to Rainy River , Ontario, and has a length of 1900 kilometres. Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world and also the most ethnically diverse city. Toronto welcomes more immigrants than any other city in Canada. East Asians, Caribbean s, Jewish and European people arrive every day and so the city is like a mosaic. There are three Chinatowns, a Portuguese Village and a Jewish community. There also exist some Polish bakeries and butcher shops and sometimes there is a Caribbean festival. All people live in peaceful neighbourhoods. Holidays: For tourists there is always a good time to visit Toronto. But in winter it isn t so cold as somebody might think, because the lakes protect the city from a bitter cold winter. There exist some ...

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