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Studying in the USA (729 Words) This is a short report about what you can expect and gain and what you have to know if you want to study abroad. I d like to start with telling you the main advantages you got by studying in the USA. In fact Germany got one of the best forms of secondary education but the German university system can not compete with the American. According to students and professors who had the opportunity to experience the system of both nations, the students in America got a much closer contact to their professor then in Germany. This is easy to understand in the view of overcrowded courses. The much smaller courses in the USA and the mentality of the professors allow a concentrated and effective learning. Everyone got much more time for questions or answers and there is still enough time for discussions. But for every course in the week you need to be well prepared because you have only 15 hours so the time you spend outside the classroom is usually three to four times longer. Beside the god relationship between students and professors which helps solving problems every student is assigned a faculty adviser. His or her task is it to advise you in academic matters and if it is necessary in non-academic problems. Another advantage of the American universities is the well organised and ordered libraries. They are open up to 18 hours per day much longer than you can expect in Germany(Europe). By using computerised data catalogues you will find the books you ...

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