Walker, Andrew Kevin: Seven

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Book - Report Title: Seven Author: A novel by Andrew Kevin Walker Other Information: The book is about a film which was shown in 1996. Subject: It s about a mentally disturbed man, who likes to kill all people who have committed one of the seven deadly sins. Setting: It plays in the present USA. Characters: Detective Somerset: He is a very important, but old police Officer who has to leave his office. Detective Miller: He is the new partner of Somerset, but he does all the work. Tracy Miller: She married Detective Miller. The murderer: He is a psychopathic killer. Events Plots: Miller has just come to his new office, when his partner Somerset and he are called to an unusual case. A lawyer who was well known for his excessive lifestyle, was killed in an unusual way. He was forced to eat so much that a little kick of the killer let explode his stomach. It was very cruel to look at , but the killer couldn t be normal because he wrote with blood the word Excessiveness on the wall behind the corpse. One the two next days, two other mysterious cases of a murder happened, and the words Acquisitive and Lethargy were written on a wall. Miller tries to find out a connection between the three murder cases. He has the suspicion that the murder killed the people because they committed one of the seven deadly sins. He has a very cruel theory: four sins are left and so the murder could kill people because of Rage , Arrogance , Sensuality and Jealousy . After having realised this fact he ...

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