Woods, Alan: All-Russian Ruin

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michael.jakobi schueler.asn-linz.ac.at All-Russian Ruin An eyewitness report by Alan Woods I stepped outside the door of the metro station and saw him. A corpse, half-covered with a white plastic sheet, stretched out on the muddy pavement. It was clearly a man, probably in his mid-forties, although, as his face was covered, it was impossible to say. Who was he? An alcoholic whose liver had just given up? One of the many homeless, dead from malnutrition and exposure? Did anyone know? Did anyone care? A couple of bored-looking cops stood around the body. Three paces away, the myriad of little stalls that have sprung up alongside all such stations carried on with its usual bustling activities. At every step one comes face to face with mind-numbing poverty. Beggars line the streets and metro stations, many old people, particularly women, whose pensions and life-savings have been rendered worthless in the process of market reform. Particularly tragic are the crippled people who must get along as best they can. A common sight is that of a man with no legs propelling himself on his knuckles on a couple of planks with skates underneath. In the entry of one of the metro stations near Red Square a middle-aged man is comforting his wife. She is wrapped in a sleeping bag, a huddled faceless heap. The sheer mass of human misery is overpowering. One vision sticks in my mind. It is ten past midnight and raining hard. In the street, a woman in her late thirties, a plastic bag tied on her ...

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