Doctorow, Edgar Lawrence: Ragtime Billy Bathgate

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(590 words) Report on Edgar Lawrence Doctorow and His books Ragtime and Billy Bathgate - E.L.Doctorow was born on the sixth of January 1931 in New York City - later he was an lecturer in different publishing companies - he wrote same fiction and real novels, crime stories like Loon Lake, historical stories like The Book of Daniel a fictional reconstruction about lawsuit against Ethel and Julius Rosenberg on the point of view of the imaginary son of them - he was against the western novels and show this genre ironically in a mirror, he meant this was a national selfdeceive - more and more he wrote real, critical stories about the life in the neighbourhood, for example Billy Bathgate a poor little boy in the Bronx, without father and with a mad mother or Ragtime a story about different immigrated Jewish families from England, Italy and a black family from southern states an d the problems of integration in American society - for this great novels he got same awards for example National Book Award and the National Book Critics Award - today he is one of the famous fictional novel writer in America and had much success to write without separation of fictional and real-historical actions, more with an entanglement fictional and real actions in His stories - he gave a historical point of view of the American growth with post-modern way of narration Ragtime - this book is about the immigration in the of the turn of the 20th century to the 21st - the main figures are wellknown ...

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