Owen, Robert (1771-1858)

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ROBERT OWEN He is a man of almost sublime and childlike simplicity of character, and at the same time one of the few born leaders of men. May, 14 1771: He was born in Newton He attended local schools until the age of 10, when he became an apprentice. Much of his free - time he spent in the library because of his keen interest in reading ( is very important for his later career ). 1790: He became superintendent of a large Cotton mill Situation at the beginning of his work: - bad living conditions of the people working in the factory - crime and vice - neglected education and sanitation - intolerable housing conditions Therefore he created a lot of reforms. At the beginning, however, he was regarded as an outsider by his partners and workmen. His reforms: - established a new school - system: - education for all children under 12 - infant school - allowed no pauper children to work in his farms - opened a store, where the workers could buy goods a little more than cost price created in New Lanark a Mecca for social reformers ( social reformers, statesmen and royal personages went on a pilgrimage to this town ) New Harmony: The land he bought from a religious community in India Owen´s community ideas maintained a hold and they provided a basis for the worldwide consumers´ movements. Nov. 17 1858: He died in Newton ...

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