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English-Report Something about New York -It is the bigest city in the United States -Dutch founded NY in 1624,it wasn t very big in that time -they called it New Amsterdam -it was first called New York by the British in 1664 -in the 19th Century NY grew rapidly and became a major port -in 1861 the Civil War began,-war between North and south -after the South had lost-their slaves were set free -from 1800 to 1900, the population grew from 79 000 to 3 million people -today more than 8 million people live in NY -when you want to visit the city you can go by bus by subway by taxi or even by helicopter -you must have a lot of time to see the Big Apple -Big Apple: synonym for a city which is very busy and very big -70 of the country s corporations were based in NY by 1900. -Two thirds of all imported goods were handled there -From 1892 to 1954 nearly 17 million people passed through the famous immigration gates on Ellis Island, which belongs to NY, -it was the greatest wave of immigration the world has ever know -today this site has a national museum -Ellis Island is an essential place to visit because no other place or museum explains so well the melting pot that formed the unique character of NY and the nation -The Bronx, Manhatten, Staten Island, Queens and Brooklyn are the five parts of NY -Manhatten:The most famous part of NY it is 21 km long and 4 km wide -it has many skyscraper,shops,nightclubs theatres and museums -it was a forrest land in which Indians lived -many people ...

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