Immigration waves in America

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Immigration waves in America (195 words) The first settlers in the newer time were the Britain in the 17th century. The want to built a new nation so they encouraged people to come to America. After the war of Independence was the first time when came over 100000. In 1830 600000 newcomers arrived America. The next big wave was after the big potato famine in Ireland between 1845 -1849 and after the political changes in Germany. In the years between 1861 and 1880 much people from Scandinavia, Austria-Hungry, Italy, Russia and China come to US to work and to build the railroad. Before the first world war came the next immigrants. In 1917 the law was established, that everyone must read and write to came in the US. Than the Great Depression came and after this the second world war, not so many immigrants came. A new law ,which includes that not more than 150000 immigrants per year can come. After. The second world war they arrived in large numbers from Mexico and Latin America. Many of them were illegal once. In 1989 was a new law, so were many of the illegal immigrant now legal once. ...

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