Reilly, Mary: The untold Story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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MARY REILLY THE UNTOLD STORY OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE (by Valerie Martin) The authoress, Mary Reilly, begins with an account about her childhood. She had been shut up in a little cupboard under the stairs (by her father as we know from a later entry). But once he locked her in the closet and he also threw a rat in it. She was hurt by the rat on her hands and her neck until her mother freed her and then they left the house and they never saw him again. BOOK I Then the book is written as a diary by the grown up Mary Reilly. She worked in the household of Dr. Jekyll (she talks of him only as Master) as a housemaid. There are also Mrs. Kent (the cook of the house), Annie (doing the dishes,.........), Mr. Bradshaw (caring for the clothes of Master), a boy (to bring messages to other places) and Mr. Poole (their boss and highest employed man in the household). One day Mary Reilly was blacking the grate when Master asked her where she had got the scars. He looked at the scars and he asked her to write down the story of it, after he had heard that she could read and write. Mary Reilly worked hard every day, washing the carpets, the floor, doing the bed, the fire in the fireplace, dusting and so on. She worked from dawn till night and had only a half day off (Thursday). Mr. Poole was the only one who talked to Master and didn´t like others to communicate directly with Master. So Mary Reilly and Master kept their talk secret. Five days after Mary Reilly had handed the account to ...

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