Wells, H.G.: The Time Machine

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Marcus Meisel,7C The Time Machine by H.G.Wells Author: The Time Machine was written by H.G.Wells,who was born in Bromley, Kent in 1866, to a working class family.His mother worked as a maid and housekeeper. After working as a draper s apprentice and pupil-teacher, he won a schoolarship to the Normal School of Science in South Kensington, where he began to write.The first published work appeared in May 1887 in the Science Schools Journal - A Tale of the Twentieth Century . After his studies he worked in poverty in London as a cramer and published his first book A Textbook of Biology (1893), which was to remain in print for over forty years. Wells had been in print as a professional writer, since 1891 when the FOTNIGHTLY REVIEW published his article The Rediscovery of the Unique . He lived on his writing in those times. But not until he published his first novel The Time Machine (1895) did his literary career start. H.G.Wells died in London, on 13th August 1946 at the age of 79 years, after having survived the First and Second World War. Published : It´s an EVERYMAN Book, published by J.M.Dent, and edited by John Lawton in 1995. It was first published on paperback by J.M.Dent in Everyman s Library 1935.The first publication as book was 1895 by Heinemann in Britain and in the USA by Holt. Type of book: It is a science fiction novel about the Victorian future which is more than a fantastical yarn. It raises chilling questions about progress, social orders, so called ...

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