Hinton, Susan Eloise: That was then, this is now

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That was then, this is now (S. E. Hinton) AUTHOR: Hinton, S. E. Susan Eloise Hinton, born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on July 22, 1948. Hinton is an author of juvenile fiction. She is a 1970 graduate of the University of Tulsa. Her first and most acclaimed novel, The Outsiders (1967; film, 1983), details conflict between rival youth gangs. Hinton`s other works are That Was Then, This Is Now (1971), Rumble Fish (1975; film, 1983), and Tex (1979; film 1982). STORY: Mark and Bryon are best friends. Mark lives at Bryon s house since his parents died. Bryon is his only family. So they are like brothers. They are used to go to Charlie s for playing pool and earning money. When they go there once, Charlie says, that a friend searched for them. It is M&M. Everybody calls him so, because he always has some M&M s with him. They find him, and as M&M wants to go home, he is jumped by the Shepards, some Socs. Mark and Bryon like fights, so they jump on them and rescued M&M. When they want some more action M&M gets mad about rescuing someone of getting jumped because he is different from the others and then jumping another one because he is different from them. M&M starts crying and runs away. The next day after school they visit Bryon s mother at the hospital. She had a big operation for which they sold everything they could. His mom tells them about a kid at their age having no visitors a few rooms away. Mark visits him. Bryon goes down for eating a hamburger. There he meets an old girlfriend, ...

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