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HERE ARE BASIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUILDING A GENERIC TESLA COIL. THEY ARE FOR INFORMATION ONLY, SINCE THE CONSTRUCTION OF SUCH A COIL REQUIRES KNOWLEDGE OF HIGH VOLTAGE TECHNIQUE AND SAFETY PROCEDURES. THE PRIMARY-SIDE SUPPLY OF ANY TESLA COIL IS A SHOCK HAZARD, AND THE SUPPLY FOR ANY BUT THE SMALLEST COIL CAN CAUSE ELECTROCUTION. THE COIL DESCRIBED BELOW USES DIRECT CONNECTION TO AN AC POWER OUTLET, AND IS VERY DANGEROUS IF PROPER SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ARE NOT FOLLOWED. IF YOU DON`T KNOW HOW TO WORK WITH 120V AND HIGH VOLTAGE SAFELY, THEN DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BUILD THIS TESLA COIL TAKEN FROM THE INTERNATIONAL TESLA SOCIETY DISCUSSION LIST Date: Fri, 2 Jun 1995 15:49:22 -0600 From: SE Crawshaw Reply to: usa-tesla usa.net Subject: small tesla coil psu Ok, here`s a design for a small tesla coil HV generator (the first stage). I built this when I was an apprentice at UKAEA winfrith. It is originally derived from a design in Practical Mechanics 1963. Use a robust 12v Car ignition coil, usually rated at about 50W. This design uses mains electricity 240V UK. Get from RS or any component supplier, a solid state phase angle switching circuit. I don`t know the stock No. but they are basically a light dimming circuit using a triac and an inductor within a single 3 pin chip. They come in a variety of current ratings, I used 6A which is probably way over the top, but better safe than sorry. You need to get a 1Meg variable resistor to vary the phase angle. So connect up the phase angle device, ...

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