Watson, James: Talking in Whispers

Chile, future, goverment, junta, fight, election, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Watson, James: Talking in Whispers
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Buchbeschreibung First something about the author. He is named James Watson. He is against the war.Most of all he hopes that his readers will share his passion for a good tale, the kind folks told each other around winter fires long ago. Now to the persons and the introduction The book is named TALKING IN WHISPERS The setting is Chile, some time between the present and the future. The military government is the Junta. It has the power. There is a sixteen- year - old boy, named Andrews Laretta . His father´s name is Juan. Andrews fights with his father against the unfair government. They two are very rebellous. Andrews´ friends are named Isa and Beto. They are very friendly and help Andrews to fight against the government. There is a reporter, who is very brave. There´s also a politician, who fights against the government too. His name is Alberti. Another friend of Andrews is Diego. He has got a good character. At least there is an old man, who is very friendly and helpful. Now to the story The elections are near and there is a man, who fights against the government of the soldiers. He holds a speech against the government. The man is named Miguel Alberti alias The Silver Lion . Meanwhile Andrews sees that his father Juan has been caught by the security. Now they are searching for Andrews, but they don´t find him. Andrews´ friend Horacio is dead; he has been shot. His father is pushed into the security car and it drives away. Andrews wants to tell Miguel, because Miguel will ...

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