Stonewall (Film report)

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English homework on the 31st of October, 1997 Film report (Stonewall) Main characters: Matty Dean, a young man, who is gay, he is the lover of LaMiranda. LaMiranda, a man who is gay too, he likes to dress up himself as a woman. Setting time: The movie takes place in New York in the Sixties. Plot:At first Matty Dean comes to New York, there he gets to know LaMiranda and a group of homosexuals. The homosexuals have got a meeting point, it s a bar for gay people. While they are dancing and drinking, the police arrives. They arrest the whole homosexual group. After that Matty Dean and LaMiranda go to LaMiranda s place, there Matty Dean tells his story, why he is an homosexual. Matty Dean tries to help the homosexuals, he makes attempts with other homosexuals. LaMiranda isn t happy about that. While they make demonstrations and attempts, Matty gets to know a man. Matty and the man have a holiday at an island. The man tells Matty, that the island is a paradise for gay guys. But it isn t, because the police often comes to the beach and so Matty thinks, that it s the same as in New York, because in New York they have got explicit clothes instructions. When Matty comes back to Big Apple, he and his gay friends make a demonstration, they want more rights for homosexuals. In the end the police arrives and they try to stop the demonstrations with a lot of brutality. Personal Comment:I find this movie very interesting, because it describes the situation of the homosexuals in the ...

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