Titanic - A sunken Legend

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Index The Meaning of Atlantic Ferries in the 19th and 20th Century 1 The Birth of a Legend 2 A closer look at Titanic 5 The Technique 6 Why was Titanic so famous 7 The People on Board Titanic The Captain 8 The Crew 9 The Guests 9 The Preparations for the Maiden Voyage of Titanic 11 The Leaving in Southampton 12 The Journey 13 Travelling into the Ice 15 The Crash 15 The Sinking and the Tragedy 17 Being Rescued 21 What Happened after this Tragedy 22 Why is the Sinking of this Ship so Famous 24 The Fate of Titanic s sisters The Unlucky Britannic Gigantic 25 The Olympic the Reliable Old Woman 25 The Finding of Titanic 26 The Future of Titanic 27 Appendix The shopping list for Titanic s Maiden Voyage 28 Cross-section of Titanic 29 The Band, that played till the End 30 Bibliography 31 Bildnachweis 32 Internetnachweise 33 Ocean liner Titanic sunk on it s maiden voyage over 1500 Souls lost How could this disaster happen ? The answer is difficult to get . Let us first see the meaning of Cross Atlantic Voyages in the past. The Meaning of Atlantic Ferries in the 19th and 20th Century The first ones to cross the Atlantic with steam-operated ships were the Americans. It was a little ship called Savannah in the year 1818, which was only about 98 feet long. Steam was only used to help getting forward, when there was no wind. It took 27 Days and 11 hours to get from Savannah, USA to Liverpool. In the year 1838 the Great Western started a flow of shipping between Great Britain and New York. ...

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