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Scotland ? Topography of Scotland: Physiograohic Regions: Scotland is occupying the northern third of the British island and it is mainly divided into three different parts, called Highlands, Central Lowlands and Southern Uplands. The Highlands are a thinly populated mountainous area north of Stirling and west of Aberdeen. More than one-half of the surface of Scotland is occupied by the Highlands, the most rugged (dt. felsig) region on the whole island. But this area is also known for their scenic grandeur (dt. landschaftliche Herrlichkeit). Moorland plateaus, mountain lakes, sea lochs, swift-flowing (dt. schnell fließend) streams, and dense thickets (dt. dichtes Dickicht)are common to the Highlands. Furthermore the Highlands are divided into two parts by a depression known as the Glen More, or Great Glen, which extends from Moray Firth to Loch Linnhe. Southeast of this cutting line the topography is highly diversified. This region is traversed by the Grampian Mountains, the principal mountain system in Scotland. The highest peak of the Grampians is called Ben Nevis (1343m), which is also the highest summit in Great Britain. In the South of the Highlands there are the Lowlands, a narrow belt comprising (dt. umfassen) only about one-tenth of the area of Scotland, but containing the majority of the country s population. The Lowlands include most of the county s cultivated farmland and a few chains of rolling hills as well. The terrain of the Southern Uplands is much less ...

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