Miller, Arthur: Death of a salesman

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Death of a salesman (by Arthur Miller) (Summary by Martin Moser marty Society The play is set in twentieth century industrial society, complete with appartmenz blocks, financial difficulties and pressures to succeed. Money definies success: people are judged by the amount they acquire, and the amount of success is linked with the amount of money they have. Since the play is about city life there are frequent references to money and the worries which it brings. Willy feels he has to succeed, and the only way to show his success is to acquire money and material goods. He doesn´t want to face the fact that he isn´t earning enough. Willy is not typical of society he feels he has to be within it, yet looks back to a golden age when life was simpler. The society in which the Lomans live is governed by people like Ben rutheless managers who care little for the opinions of others, and in such a society the Lomans are uot of place. There are however two types of society presented in the play. The modern consumer society is in contrast with the countryside: the structure of the countryside is much simpler and different, the image of an olde America. Biff needs to escape to it, to enjoy the pleasures of nature without modern pressure. But this is only a dream, and the realities of modern life dominate. One of Willy´s basic beliefs is in the Land of opportunity, a land were men were created equal, with equal opportunity to become rich and successful. This land is America. ...

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