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PUERTO RICO Official name: Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. (Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico). Digraph: PR QR Type: Commonwealth associated with the US. The island`s inhabitants possess 1 all the rights and obligations of United States citizens, except for the right to vote in presidential elections and the obligation 2 to pay federal taxes. Interesting Fact: The term United States when used in a geographical sense on official documents, acts and or laws; includes the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa. The U.S. has twelve unincorporated territories, also known as possessions, and two commonwealths. The major possessions are American Samoa, Guam, and the U.S. Virigin Islands. All of these have a non-voting representative in the US Congress. The major commonwealths are Puerto Rico and the Northern Marianas. Commonwealths have their own constitutions and greater autonomy than possessions, and Guam is currently in the process of moving from the status of unincorporated territory to commonwealth. The residents of all of these places are full U.S. citizens, with the exception of those on American Samoa who are U.S.nationals, but not citizens. Total Area: 3,515 sq mi (9,104 sq km or 100 by 35 miles). Land Area: 8,959 sq km Borders: Puerto Rico is under the U.S. customs jurisdiction 3 . Borders are open between P.R. and the U.S., allowing for free movement of people and merchandise. Capital: San Juan (founded in 1508, by Juan Ponce de León). ...

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